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15 October 2010 (USA)
Country USA | Russian
Action | Comedy | CRIME |Thriller
Director Robert Schwentke
Jon Hoeber (screenplay), Erich Hoeber (screenplay), 2 more credits »
Starcast Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman | See full cast and crew »
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English Review :

Assassins. Paranoia. Mind control. Spry spies. Unlikely Loves. Political gamesmanship. Big government. Deadly secrets. Retirement homes. These are just some of the ingredients all mashed together in Director Robert Schwentke's (Flightplan) Red, a D.C. Comics-based Action/Comedy hybrid that somehow manages to precisely measure its smorgasbord of ingredients and bake them into a delicious singular entity that's as action-packed as it is humor-laced.

Though it might secure most of its laughs from images of Helen Mirren raining down the lead as she mans a heavy machine gun or from John Malkovivh, conspiracy theorist, running around with a pink teddy bear and wearing a gillie suit, Red finds an honest balance between the excesses of its two extremes, even if the action is made to resemble an over-the-top spectacle and the laughs are tasteful but sometimes tacky pokes at old age. Ultimately, Red is a movie that just wants to have fun, and even despite some shortcomings, there's an unmistakable electricity running through its celluloid veins that allows it, and its audience, to have loads.

Frank Moses (Bruce Willis, Unbreakable) is a retired CIA analyst who spends his days figuring out excuses to call the lovely voice he's fallen for on the other end of the phone, a woman named Sarah Ross (Mary-Louise Parker, Solitary Man) who works for a federal pension office in the midwest. Frank manages to make a date with Ross, but before he can set out to Kansas City to meet her, he's attacked in his home by heavily-armed government agents.

The talented Moses still has it, and despite his age he gets the best of younger and better-armed men. He flies to Kansas City to protect Sarah, whom he believes might also be a target considering that his telephone chats with her were sure to have been monitored. Frank has no choice but to piece together who wants him dead and why; that leads him to check in with his old mentor, Joe Matheson (Morgan Freeman, Deep Impact), currently living it up in a New Orleans rest home. Matheson tells them the story of a missing reporter and a hidden government hit list; the need for more answers lead Moses and Ross to meet with a paranoid conspiracy theorist named Marvin Boggs (John Malkovich, In the Line of Fire) and a former assassin named Victoria (Helen Mirren, The Queen) to strengthen their numbers and further their understanding of a vast conspiracy that leads to the highest echelons of American political power. Meanwhile, CIA tough man William Cooper (Karl Urban, And Soon the Darkness) is assigned the unenviable task of bringing Moses down.

There are two critical elements that make Red a success: its lighthearted nature and its cast. As for the former, Red is a movie built on a deliciously unique premise, yes, yes, the old spy angle is in full swing here and no, no, that's not the point -- that sees aged superheroes of the real kind get back in the game for another chance at glory, even if duty to country and self-preservation from thousands of rounds of ammunition was only days ago, for these characters, not even on their radar screens or as important as wooing that lovely voice over the phone, checking out the rear end of the pretty little nurses at the senior care center, evading real and imagined black helicopters, or clipping roses.

Red is sort of like the answer to "how long can Die Hard go? When will Die Hard in a Wheelchair come out? The characters may not be quite that old, even the 70-some-year-old Morgan Freeman (whose character is said to be in his 80s here) still gets around better than most, but it's the idea of seeing these old timers back in the game for another go-round of action that makes Red so great. No matter that the audience has no history with these characters; the script builds them up nicely, and it's easy to see them in their younger, well, Glory days before lounging around in pajamas and watching TV was their raison d'être.

The plot really doesn't matter, either; what matters is plopping a handful of geriatrics into the middle of some fantastically-staged action that's as loud and entertaining as most anything out there and watching them go to work, shooting and running and smooth-talking their way through one sticky situation after another like they were some physically ageless group of "00s."

And then there's the cast that sells this thing. Names like Willis, Freeman, Malkovich, Mirren, Parker, Urban, and shoot, even Borgnine and Dreyfuss might sound more like an AARP meeting than a 2010 Action movie, but darn it all, they pull it off incredibly well. Ernest Borgnine lights up the screen in his limited role, as he always does, and Helen Mirren makes retirement sexy, and it doesn't hurt, either, when she's strutting her stuff from behind some serious weaponry. Willis, Freeman, Malkovich, Mirren, and Parker all manage to believably come together like they've been chemically bonded, and it's again a credit to both their understanding of the film's necessarily light overall tone and the strength of the script to so fully develop them that the audience can't help but feel they know four former and now, again, current compatriots inside and out.

Even Willis and Parker manage plenty of sparks and form a believable romance that starts out excitedly tepid, turns south, and heats up as Parker's character becomes turned on by her man, the travel, and the adrenaline rush of finding herself in the middle of the more action that she could have ever imagined back in Agrestic. Karl Urban turns in a solid effort as the film's approachable and not at all loathsome "bad guy," and Richard Dreyfuss earns the award for the film's sneaky-good effort in a small-in-screen-time but critical-to-the- plot part.

Red isn't perfect, though; the picture tends to drag in places, and what the film gains in extra character and plot development, it loses in sheer pace. It takes a good hour for all of the primaries to be introduced and even longer for the storyline to come into focus, but it seems like Director Robert Schwentke wants to smartly, keep the audience as much in the dark as his characters, allowing the story to unfold in due course and as the characters, not a transparent script or generic themes, set the tone and figure out who's who and what's what. Nevertheless, for all the good the added material does, Red just doesn't maintain its stamina for the duration; a slow middle act is the main culprit, but said slowdown is certainly not a death sentence.

Red is a polished, well-made film otherwise, one that's big on ensuring there's equal parts visual eye candy, thought-provoking story elements, and laughs. Red manages to walk the tightrope between comedy and action perfectly; it certainly favors the latter more than the former, unlike some of the more well-known Action/Comedy movies of yore like Armed and Dangerous, for instance. Red seems to know exactly what it is and what its audience wants; it's a complete movie that's not going to win any Oscars, but it's a heck of a fun little movie, and fun is Red's middle name.

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